Tom Clift - Toyota Corolla (Trapnell Creations pic)

PHOTO: Tom Clift - Toyota Corolla (Trapnell Creations pic)

LEYBURN (Queensland) - THE racing drivers of the future took the opportunity to show their skills in a successful introduction of a Junior Trophy at this year’s Historic Leyburn Sprints.

Seven drivers aged under 16 entered a Regularity competition for the Ann Collins Memorial Junior Trophy, which was won by Thomas Clift of Toowoomba in a 1972 Toyota Corolla.

The competition was designed to test drivers’ skill and consistency, rather than outright speed, across the 18-19 August weekend. They incurred penalty points for completing the 1.0 kilometre Leyburn street course faster or slower than their nominated target time.

The Trophy honours the late, former Sprints President Ann Collins, who strongly advocated motorsport as an ideal training ground for young drivers on the road.

Clift, a Warwick high school student, won the trophy by earning the fewest penalty points.

Tom Brelsford claimed second place in a 1972 Ford Escort and, although the Junior Trophy was for consistent times, also recorded the fastest lap among the juniors at 56.05 seconds.

Subaru WRX driver William Contojohn took third in the Junior Trophy, while Adam Baguley was awarded the Jascar Carriers Rookie of the Year Trophy, which was open to all first-time starters in the 210-car Sprints field.

Ann Collins Memorial Junior Trophy, results:

  1. Thomas Clift (1972 Toyota Corolla 1166 c.c.), trophy points 25, outright overall 172nd
  2. Tom Brelsford (1972 Ford Escort 2000 c.c.), trophy points 29, outright overall 81st
  3. William Contojohn (1999 Subaru WRX STi), trophy points 42, outright overall 83rd
  4. Chloe de Lissa (1995 Suzuki Swift GTi 1300 c.c.), trophy points 52, outright overall 139th
  5. Adam Baguley (1978 Toyota Corolla 1380 c.c.), trophy points 56, outright overall 192nd
  6. Jacob Wingett (1971 Mini Cooper S 1275 c.c.), trophy points 117, outright overall 193rd
  7. Brynn Stewart (1977 Holden Gemini Coupe, 1600 c.c.), trophy points 149, outright overall 157th